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represent you in getting a full and fair settlement from your insurance carrier.

ADJUSTERMAN is a Florida Licensed Public Adjuster company that works for property owners, never for insurance carriers.

Filing an insurance claim is never easy. You are better off relying on a professional like Adjusterman as this recent Oppago Report (10-06) shows.

ADJUSTERMAN Public Adjusters have the technology and experience to prove the full scope and value of your covered loss.

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

ADJUSTERMAN Public Adjusters have the technology, tenacity, and experience that you need to get what you are truly owed in your settlement.

Our thermal cameras, our FAA licensed aerial drones, and 3D VR Camera capabilities allow us to recover more.

Serving all Of Florida including Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Florida Keys, Key West, Lee, Charlotte, Collier, Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Polk, Glades, Hendry, Orange, Brevard, Martin County, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs.

fire claims

business interruption

hurricane claims

commercial claims

luxury car claims

homeowners claims

marine claims

mold claims

water damage claims

broken pipe claims

cast iron claims

and more!


we see more, we prove more,

Call Adjusterman immediatley after calling the fire department to handle your fire claim. Adjusterman knows how to prove the full scope and value of your losses from fire.

Has your business been interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic? Adjusterman can settle your claim for covered losses. Contact us today about your business interruption claim/loss revenue.

We’ve settled hundreds of claims totalling 10s of millions of dollars. We know how to prove the full scope and value of your hurricane losses so that you recover the most money possible for your damages.

If your home, vehicle, watercraft, business, or any other property has been damaged due to hurricanes, call Adjusterman LLC right away to handle your storm-related insurance claim.

Call now and speak to Adjusterman!

Be ready for hurricane season 2020 with our hurricane prep package

Commercial property should be protected from Loss of Use, Loss of Income, and Liability, in addition to standard perils like fire, theft, flood, vandalism, escape of water, and other common perils. Commercial claims can involve rental units, rental houses, office and commercial uses like shopping malls, hotels, and business locations.

If you are looking at the damage and thinking “The boss is not gonna be happy” call Adjusterman LLC today.

Has your exotic car been damaged or stolen and you want to make sure you get what it’s worth from your insurance company? A surefire way to do that is to hire a public adjuster to get you the money you deserve. Hire Adjusterman in Oakland Park and recover a higher amount.

Homeowners claims can come from fire, theft, vandalism, collision, release of water, and other causes. Homeowners insurance pays for losses that are sudden and accidental, a pipe breaking, fire, break-ins and theft. If your property has been damaged by these or other causes. contact Adjusterman for a free claim evaluation.

If you’re looking at the damage and thinking to yourself, “Holy crap, I’m gonna need someone to fix that!”, you should definitely call Adjusterman LLC.

Boats, yachts, property on board like fishing gear and radar, dockage, loss of charter, fire, theft, vandalism, and collisions are some of the causes of loss that relate to marine insurance and coverage for your marine property, business, and toys. If you are looking at your boat or yacht and thinking, “Dude….this is not gonna be cheap….”, yup: call ADJUSTERMAN LLC.


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A public adjuster is a professional claims handler who represents the insured/policyholder in their insurance claim. Licensed public adjusters are required to prove competency in a variety of ways; written examination, experience time frames, and background checks.


Adjutserman will help you by saving your time and money! He is an expert in negotiating the settlement of a claim or claims for your loss or damage. 

Simply, Adjusterman will …

  • Use sophisticated software to perform an independent evaluation of your loss.
  • Gather highly detailed claim information that can be challenging for you to gather on your own. 
  • Log and submit initial and supplemental claims on your behalf.
  • Help you negotiate with contractors and insurers.
  • Call Adjusterman for more information! 

There is no wrong time to request assistance from a public adjuster! Often, a public adjuster, like Adjusterman, will find that an individual’s loss estimate is too low. Adjusterman will help you make the most out of your claim!

Adjusterman makes filing your claim easy!

Use our claim submission form, or call us at (954) 588-2160.

We’ll ask for details such as claim type, availability, and a brief description of the issue to get your claim moving.

Once you’ve submitted your claim, Adjusterman will work with you to save your time and money!

Adjusterman is no stranger to difficult situations. He’s handled claims from fire damage to vandalism, hurricanes to water damage, business interruption to divorce, and more.

See below for a complete list of claims Adjusterman has battled:

Fire Claims
Business interruption Claims
Hurricane Claims
Commercial Claims
Exoitc & Luxury Car Claims
Homeowners Claims
Marine Claims
Mold Claims
Water Damage Claims
Broken Pipes Claims
Cast Iron Claims

Don’t see what you need here? Send us a brief description of your situation and what you are needing help with, and we’ll have one of Adjusterman’s trusted sidekicks reach out to you!

If you have a question about your claim, come to us! Adjusterman and his sidekicks will give you the help you need in understanding your claim.

You can contact us by calling our main number at 954-588-2160 or by emailing documents@adjustermanllc.com.

While Adjutserman takes to the skies and helps those in need, our headquarters and team of sidekicks can be found in Northeast Florida at 1682 N.E. 33rd St., Suite #1 in Oakland Park. Call us, write to us, or knock on our door! We are here to help.