Handling an Insurance claim can be a long difficult and difficult process.¬†Adjusterman LLC provides insurance claim resolution services and we are trained professionals who know exactly how to get the most out of your claim. Don’t attempt to settle your claim on your own. Call the professionals at ADJUSTERMAN, LLC!

Homeowners Claims

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Homeowners claims can come from fire, theft, vandalism, collision, release of water and other causes. Homeowners insurance pays for losses that are sudden and accidental, a pipe breaking, fire, break-ins and theft. If your property has been damaged by these or other causes contact Adjusterman for a free claim evaluation.

If you’re looking at the damage and thinking to yourself “holy crap I’m gonna need someone to fix that!” You should definitely call ADJUSTERMAN LLC

Commercial claims

Commercial Claims


Commercial Property should be protected from Loss of Use, Loss of Income, Liability in addition to standard perils like fire theft, flood vandalism, escape of water and other common perils. Commercial can refer to rental units, rental houses, office and commercial uses like shopping malls, hotels, and business locations.

If you are looking at the damage and thinking “The boss is not gonna be happy” call ADJUSTERMAN LLC

Marine claims

Marine Claims


Boats, Yachts, property on board like fishing gear and radar, dockage, loss of charter, fire, theft, vandalism and collisions are some of the causes of loss that relate to Marine Insurance and coverage for your marine property, business and toys.

If you are looking at your boat or yacht and thinking “dude….this is not gonna be cheap….” yup call ADJUSTERMAN LLC

Inland Marine Claims

Inland Marine Claims


Inland Marine Insurance relates to cargo, have you had a shipment lost, damaged or destroyed in whole or in part while in transit? Did you just find out your employees were stealing your inventory? Sure we handle Inland Marine claims.

Aviation Claims

Aviation Claims


What goes up must come down, we handle claims related to avionics,theft, fire, collision and more.


Saves you time – so you can stay focused on what really matters; your family, your career and getting your life back to normal as quicky as possible.


Saves you money by making sure that your insurance carrier pays you what they are supposed to pay you for your loss.


Works on a contingency fee basis, if we don’t recover funds for you from your insurance company we don’t get paid!

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