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Calendar of Claims

Do you feel like you’re alone in your claim? Fear not! Adjusterman is here!

you are not alone

While we can’t necessarily predict disaster, Adjusterman saves so many people that he makes note of peak times for certain claim types and calamities. You may not be alone in filing a claim for fire in December, when other people may also be filing claims for similar issues!

No matter what your claim, Adjusterman is on the case!

See below for Adjusterman’s Calender of Claims. Be sure to call Adjusterman for help or related questions!


What’s that? Drunk drivers on the road after the holidays? College-aged students stumbling out of bars during their winter break? Fear Not! Adjusterman will handle any claims that may arise!


Perhaps you’re cozying up to a loved one or a space heater? February is certainly a time to stay heated! Adjusterman will help handle any incidents that may arise! Keep warm, but not on fire, when Adjusterman helps YOU with your claim after disaster!


March Mayhem does NOT only apply to basketball. Adjusterman can help YOU handle any mayhem going on in your life! Call Adjusterman when things go awry.


Did your child put their toys down the toilet again? Are your pipes warming up after winter? Adjusterman can help you with any overflow! Call when things aren’t quite flowing right to help you with your claim!


May-be you love them, may-be you don’t? Call Adjusterman with assistance for your divorce claim, today!


Hurricanes are here! Rather than panic, call Adjusterman for backup! He’s settled hundreds of hurricane claims before, and he won’t stop at yours!


Boom! Crack! Pow! That’s not the sound of Adjusterman in the air – those are fireworks! Adjusterman can ALSO be seen helping sort claims from explosions! Make sure to call Adjusterman when things get explosive.


Air conditioning lines backed up? Call Adjusterman for backup! Adjusterman has your back like no other!


School is back in session, and we are studying your claims! Adjusterman never stops learning and brings his knowledge and expertise to help handle YOUR claim!


Are your claims a horror like no other? Are you dealing with cases of fire or vandalism? Adjusterman is here to help!


Let’s give thanks and also a round of applause for Adjusterman when he settles your claims!


Let’s round out the year – Adjusterman is here! Adjusterman gives his time and attention during this season of giving. Fires from oil lamps and Christmas trees do not stand a chance when Adjusterman is here to help with your claims!


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